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Guide: How Armor Penetration/Armor Piercing Works?

A picture of all armor piercing ammunition in STALCRAFT, 10mm Inc does not have armor AP ;-;A picture of all armor piercing ammunition in STALCRAFT, 10mm Inc does not have armor AP ;-;

#A) What armor piercing do to enemies / How do they work?

Firstly armor piercing affects 2 things; NPCs with Plates and Enemy BR (Bullet Resistance).

||A1) What Armor Piercing does to Plates?

Armor piercing makes you deal more damage to Armored NPCs (Plated) such as Monolith or Some NATO on northern zones. But not affect the Unarmored NPCs (Not Plated).

How it works:

%X Armor Piercing = %X More Damage to Plated NPCs.

||A2) What Armor Piercing does to Enemy BR?

Armor piercing also makes you ignore %X of Enemy BR. That means it works well for High BR people such as Worn/Normal Centurion , Apostle or Clan Armors.

It's pretty popular to use SBP ammo on Northern Zones because most enemies have high BR.

NOTE: AP pretty works well for High BR, however it may be ineffective against Low BR.

How it works:

%X Armor Piercing = %X Armor Ignorance of Enemy BR
(Example: If enemy have 200 BR and your ammo has %20 AP, your damage will ignore 40 BR of the enemy and makes the enemy have 160 BR against your AP ammo.)

#B) All Ammos That Has “Armor-Penetration” Stats

#C) Tips/Info about AP Ammo

  • AP can be pretty usable on Session Battles because people are mostly using High BR armor.
  • AP works well against Monolith and NATO Enemies
  • SBP and 9x39 mm BP Round9x39 BP ammo only can be found in airdrops. Hit them if you want free super ap ammos.
  • Go for headshots if you’re using AP. Because armor ignorance + headshot multiplier works best.
  • If you wanna use AP/SBP. Get their ammo packs with a little amount of ammo (120-150). Because they’re expensive and use the ammo packs when you are low on ammo. Most RU veterans used this tactic to not waste any SBP when they died.
  • Get SBP ammo you see on corpses. They might be useful in the future.
  • Get a friend with you. If you are both equipped with AP ammos then you can shred enemies so quickly.

#D) Conclusion/Credits

I hope you will use AP and SBP ammos in future after this guide. Dont waste your pretty rare ammos on nothing. Hit your shots and make your SBP ammo worth

spectrecassie - Guide Author
@Tits / cafecito (?) - More further explanation of how ap works
thedipsy - More further explanation of how ap works. Also a company speaker of STALCRAFT.
Also i want to thanks these guys for publishing the guide/article on their web site: mihanc , tehgm

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