Recent Emissions

Last Emission on EU

2 hours, 10 minutes and 26 seconds ago

Last Emission on NA

1 hour, 58 minutes and 5 seconds ago

Last Emission on SEA

2 hours, 36 minutes and 4 seconds ago

Last Emission on RU

21 minutes and 31 seconds ago

Artifacts Spawn Boosted!

What are Emissions?

Every 2-4 hours, the Zone in Stalcraft gets angry and releases deadly waves of radiation. In Stalcraft it's easy to see, as the sky turns hellish red, everything starts shaking, and sounds of agony can be heard in distance.

When this happens, within 2 minutes you'll start receiving increasingly deadly damage. To avoid it, you need to hide in an underground shelter or Rostok Bar base.

You can check for nearby shelters on in-game map, or on

What does NOW (warm-up) mean?

When an emission starts, it won't damage you instantly. You have a bit of time to get into a shelter.

This grace period lasts about 2 minutes and is indicated by the (warm-up) text.

What does NOW (damaging) and NOW (deadly) mean?

An emission starts damaging you, and as time goes, the damage you receive becomes higher. Soon enough it becomes impossible to survive if you're not in a shelter.

This lasts for about 1 minute and 45 seconds after the warm-up and is indicated by the (damaging) and (deadly) text.

What does NOW (safe) mean?

As emission is close to an end, the damage it deals drops significantly.

Roughly 0 minutes and 15 seconds before end the damage drops significantly and it should be safe to leave the shelter. This is indicated by the (safe) text.

How long do emissions last?

An emission lasts about 4 minutes. This includes the warm-up, normal damaging, deadly damage, and safe period.

Someone said Artifacts?!

You want your own BraceletBracelet, huh? Well, watch out for emissions then!

Artifacts can spawn in anomalies all the time, but for 30 minutes after emissions they have significantly increased spawn rate. Perfect time for artifact hunters!