What is StalcraftClan? is a website with various resources and tools for MMOFPS game Stalcraft. On StalcraftClan you can find a clan on your server region and your faction, find and compare Stalcraft players, check their faction and clan histories, track emissions and much much more!

This is a small hobby project. It's developed by TehGM, and is not affiliated with EXBO in any way.

What are the numbers with icons on the top of the homepage?

Whenever clans are synchronized with Stalcraft servers, StalcraftClan also calculates some interesting statistics.

The stats shown on home page is the number of clans and all clan members per faction. Only verified clans are counted.

These statistics are filtered based on the selected region - so you can select which regions you want stats for by simply searching for them!

You can also click on them - it'll take you to a page where you can view more detailed stats, as well as some charts and compare with data from up to a week ago!

Note: these numbers only show count of players in clans. Players without a clan are NOT counted.

How can I add my clan?

Clans are requested from Stalcraft servers, so all you need to do is create your clan in-game.

Clans are requested from the server periodically, so don't panic if your clan doesn't appear yet - just give it some time and it'll pop up!

How can I edit my clan details?

Many clan details, like description or members, are taken directly from the game - simply edit your clan in-game and the change will appear on the website after some time.

But StalcraftClan supports extended clan information - languages, activities, in-game and Discord contacts, whether clan is recruiting, or even website or Discord invite links!

This extended information can be edited by clan leaders directly on the website. If you're a clan leader, login to StalcraftClan using a button on top of the website, then click on your clan name to open its page - there you'll find an edit button. Once you click it, the page will enter edit mode, where you can change certain information about your clan. After saving, this information will become visible to everyone!

Are Russian clans supported?

Yes! The Stalcraft API provided to us supports Russian clans, so will list them as well!

Please do note that clans that didn't pick Faction after Subdivision update are ignored by StalcraftClan. If you are a leader of such clan, pick a Faction and they'll get automatically listed on the website.

Some clans have
tag. What does it mean?

Clans that have unverified tag aren't actually in-game. These are listed manually on request, and usually represent loose groups of players running together in earlier stages of the game.

Clans without this tag actually exist in-game and were verified with Stalcraft servers.

This of course might change in future and un-verified clans might get unlisted - but for now they'll appear in the results!

Can I add an

Ideally you shouldn't need to list an unverified clan, as creating a clan in-game will give you more control and actual value. Unverified clans currently need to be listed manually, and also this feature might get removed completely in future.

If you wish to list an unverified clan regardless, you can join StalcraftClan Discord and submit your submission in #listing-requests channel.

Please ensure you provide following info:

- Clan Name (max 32 characters);

- Region (EU/NA/SEA/RU);

- In-game Faction;

- Short description of your clan with your own words (ideally up to 320 characters);

- Whether you're actively recruiting, are invite only or currently aren't recruiting at all.

Additionally you can provide some optional info that will be displayed on the website:

- Clan website;

- Clan Discord invite link;

- In-game names of players that can be contacted in order to join the clan (max 4);

- Discord usernames of users that can be contacted in order to join the clan (max 4);

- Max 5 Languages you speak in your clan;

- Max 3 activities (open world PvP/Backwater/Session Battles/PvE Farming/Artifact Hunting/Camping/Community Competitions/New Player Help).

Each submission will be reviewed and added to the website if deemed applicable.

Please note that decision to list and/or unlist an unverified clan is done purely on my discretion.

What is Open World PvP Score?

Open World PvP Score is StalcraftClan's attempt to estimate how well a player does in open world PvP.

This stat takes kills, assists, and certain deaths to calculate a score. It does NOT count death from anomalies. Click on the ? icon next to score for more details.

Do note that this statistic is StalcraftClan-specific. It's NOT an official stat, so don't take it too seriously!

Can I compare character stats?

Yes! StalcraftClan now has a character stats compare function!

To compare 2 player characters, open character page throught Character Search or by picking one of your own characters from the menu. You'll see Click to Compare Players right above the stats table. If you click on it, you'll be able to search for any Stalcraft character to compare stats with.

When comparing, StalcraftClan will automatically highlight better and worse stats!

To stop comparing, press button next to the character name.

What is Emission Tracker?

Emissions play an important role in Stalcraft, and it's often useful to know when last emission has occurred (or if one is actually happening right now!)

To allow tracking of emissions, StalcraftClan includes Emission Tracker as one of sub-features. On the Emission Tracker page you can see last emissions timers for each Stalcraft server region in real-time. Additionally, you can subscribe to Discord notifications so your Discord server has a constant stream of emission notifications! (you can check official EU/NA/SEA Stalcraft Discords to see how they look!)

On top of that, StalcraftClan also collects data on emissions as they happen. This data is then used to calculate some interesting statistics as emissions count and average times between emissions - go to Emission Statistics to check it out!

How can I submit a guide?

You might've noticed that Guides section now contains guides from different authors.

If you wish to submit your own guide, pleace contact me on StalcraftClan Discord.

Guides submitted by different authors become part of StalcraftClan and we reserve the right to change, move or remove any content. See our Terms of Service for more details.

Is StalcraftClan finished?

Depends on the definition of finished.

Is it a working website that will list all your Stalcraft clans? Yes!

Is this it, what we see is all we'll get? Hell no. There are more features on to-do list. Many small, some big, but I do have some ideas I still want to add.

Note: Everything currently on the website is subject to change or removal. Let's see what we can make of it with the community, shall we?

Why is this website so ugly?

Come on, it's not. It uses MudBlazor with its default theme, it looks pretty nice!

That said, I definitely want to customize it and give it some of its own character. Over time I hope to update the looks - just don't expect too much, I am a backend developer!

Where I can report a bug or make a suggestion?

You can submit bugs and suggestions on StalcraftClan Discord in #bugs-features.


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