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Guide: Hidden Treasure quest (The Pit)

Hidden Treasure is a quest in The Pit map. It's, as name implies, a treasure hunt. The game gives you direction to follow.

While the quest isn't overly difficult, some directions might sometimes be less than clear, so you can use this guide when you get stuck on certain step. Or if you want to just get it over with, feel free to skip straight to the solution.

#Starting Quest

The "questgiver" for this quest can be found at the centre of the pit, and is... dead. To take the quest, interact with the corpse in a building right to the west from the tower at the center for the map.

The corpse location on mapThe corpse location on map
The corpse - interact to get the questThe corpse - interact to get the quest

You'll then find all the directions in your PDA:

#Hint 1: Northwestern Village

The first direction is to go to the village in the northwest of The Pit. The quest means this village, specifically:

The village location on the mapThe village location on the map

#Hint 2: The chimney

The next direction tells us to find a house with a tractor parked next to it, and climb onto the chimney. It's the one on the east of the village.

The house location on the mapThe house location on the map

Climbing onto it can be a little tricky at first, but the way I did it was jump onto the thingy standing just east from the house, and then jump to the edge of the roof and instantly start climbing it (Q button). See arrows on the screenshot below:

How to climb the houseHow to climb the house

Once on the roof, get on top of the chimney.

#Hint 3: Getting the bearing

The next direction is to look for "a ridge of stones with reinforcements on top". What it talks about is this small outpost where yellow army event often spawns:

The view on the ridge - bearing 123The view on the ridge - bearing 123

From there, the quest tells us to add 14 degrees on compass. As we can see on the screenshot above, the ridge is roughly at 123 bearing. So when we add 14 to 123, we get bearing of 137. If you like, you can also put a line on the map to make it easier in case you get distracted.

The bearing to follow (roughly) - 137The bearing to follow (roughly) - 137
Rough bearing line on the mapRough bearing line on the map

#Hint 4: Mushroom piles

The quest's text now tells us to follow the bearing until we find a pile of green mushrooms - I am not sure if "pile" is the best word for it, but the mushrooms are still rather easy to spot, and look like this:

The mushroom 'piles'The mushroom 'piles'

The very next direction is to follow to a 2nd pile of mushrooms from here - the 2nd pile is very close, just up the road - you can see it further back on the screenshot, in front of the building on the left side. For convenience, here are map locations of both the piles:

First pile location on the mapFirst pile location on the map
Second pile location on the mapSecond pile location on the map

#Hint 5: First stairs

Now we are told to go east and climb the stairs. The word "stairs" might be misleading to some here - the game wants you to climb the tower you can see just by the bridge when you look east.

The guard tower to climb up intoThe guard tower to climb up into

#Hint 6: Second stairs

The quest hint tells us that we'll see another set of stairs when we don't look through the grates. The tower has 3 window openings - the ones to the north and south have pipe grates on them, so the game wants us to look through the east one.

Taught by previous hint, we now know to look for a tower. It is located on next to the bigger building.

The second guard tower to climbThe second guard tower to climb

#The Treasure

The last tip says that the treasure is on the roof - and you can find Small Backpack on the roof of the tower. Open it to take the rewards. I also include the map location of the treasure for the players that don't want to play treasure hunt just want to grab the loot and go do other stuff.

The treasure backpack - it's on the roof of the guard towerThe treasure backpack - it's on the roof of the guard tower
The treasure location on the mapThe treasure location on the map

The rewards are not that bad - you'll get some roubles, a pack of armour piercing 5.45 ammo, some VodkaVodka, a LollipopLollipop artefact, and the best one - 5 sets of Standard ToolsStandard Tools.

Unfortunately all items are bound to you, so you can't sell them to other players. But on the flipside - if you got killed now, you won't lose your rewards.

Treasure hunt rewardsTreasure hunt rewards



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