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Guide: Examining the Map - The Dead City

This is the most famous place where Stalkers camp there. It's a bandit territory and mostly you can enter the Dead City from The Pit , The Army Warehouse , The Fools Path or from The Bar.

(The Light Blue Circle shows The Pit entrance, The Red circles shows the Rostok Factory Entrance, Yellow one shows The army warehouses entrance , Blue circle shows The Fools path entrance and The purple line shows the best route for mercs.)

#A) What is it Contains

The Dead City gives you ZoneshroomThe Zoneshroom, ChlorinexChlorinex, Remains of Scientific EquipmentRemains of Scientific Equipment and Beta Data FragmentBeta Data Fragments. Also you can find FormaldehydeFormaldehyde (special variant of Chlorinex), Black ZoneshroomBlack Zoneshroom (special variant of Zoneshroom), Hard DrivesHard Drives (special variant of Remains of Scientific Equipment) and Beta Data BlockBeta Data Block.

Searching Signals on Dead City gives you Beta Group TrackerBeta Group Tracker.

(The picture of zonshroom, chlorinex , remains of scientific eqiupments , beta data fragment and the beta data tracker.)(The picture of zonshroom, chlorinex , remains of scientific eqiupments , beta data fragment and the beta data tracker.)

Also here are stash locations on The Dead City. Use a metal detector to get stashes on yellow zones.

#B) The Sections of The Dead City

There are some parts of the dead city ofc. Let's look at them;

||“The Dog Road”

The Road that has a lot of dog events, be careful while extracting from that road.

A road that contains dog events on sides, also this road may have a chance to spawn signals as well. Just be careful about 20 dogs waiting on that road :(
+ Pretty (not) easy to get ZoneshroomZoneshroom because it's often Dog Dens spawns there
+ İt has a chance to spawn a signal.
+ On extract situations, this road is used often by other people
+ Most enemy faction players come from that road, careful while going there.
+ No Infections on that road. Feel free to put away your armor there.

||“Stone Pit Road”

İt starts from The Rostok Factory and ends on Fools Path. It's kinda painful to climb to the surface but it's a pretty easy way to go to FP from the Rostok Factory.

A pit that goes to FP or Rostok Factory, useful ongoing Main Quests, nothing special to be honest.
+ Pretty safest route to go to Rostok Factory from FP or FP from Rostok factory.
+ İt contains Rad 2, get a combo suit with you.
+ There is also a bridge that you can go to 2 different zones, the stone pit just cuts them.

||“Volcanic Pit”

A fire pit that has pretty dangerous thermal, you can die easily if you’re not careful enough

This pit has a lot of lighters and steams, which is also good because it has to spawn a lot of thermal artifacts there. Check this pit with a scientist suit if you want to hunt some artifacts.
+ Free artifact place, you can get some money from here.
+ İt contains dangerously Thermal 2 and Thermal 3, get a scientist or atleast combo suit with you freely roam around in this pit
+ A lot of lighters, a lot of burns.
+ İt has some thermal rooms on some sides, that's where Thermal 3 goes there, also it spawns more artifacts than the thermal 2 area, however only some suits are capable of going to thermal 3.

||“The Zombified Apartments”

These apartments are zombified, a lot of zombies spawn there. Careful because some blackholes may close roads.

The apartments that you can roam around and kill some zombies, also there is a distress spawn point in the middle of the apartments, however some blackholes may close the roads.
+ Nothing so special, just chlorinex farm.
+ May some blackholes close the roads.

||“The Abandoned Garages”

A garage than abandoned after so much years, still some valuables there so check with the metal detector

Some funny garages that have remains of scientific equipment. Also you may find one mutant den in the middle of the garages, be careful that the west side of the garages have blackholes. Also this place contains some trampolines and vortexes.
+ Stash Zone
+ Mutant Den Spawns on the middle
+ West Garages have blackholes on top.
+ Gives at least 16-24 scientific equipment every search (mostly).
+ This zone is Rad 1. Not a big deal but cars are Rad 2

||“Old “Playground””

İt was used to be as playground that children can play, however it now became a fucking worthless metal shit, still contains scientific eqiupments tho even scientists didnt do tests here.

A classic playground that is abandoned, contains a lot of stashes tho, be careful about mutant dens and zombie groups on sides.
+ Stash Zone
+ Contains a lot stashes
+ Sides of this place has Mutant Dens and Zombie Groups

||“The Greatest Statue”

“İ don't know what this guy does but he gives Bio 3 , Psy 2 and Rad 1 nearby somehow. Just don't get close to here if you don't have any protective suit”

Pretty anomaly statue that its radius contains Psy 2 , Bio 3 and Rad 1. Also contains a lot of artifacts because of the high population of Kissels and Electros.
+ Get a scientist suit because there are a lot of anomalies and infections that can kill you easily.
+ Artifacts 🔥 🔥


A place that used to do theaters here, like comedy or drama.. but yeah now snorks are camping there :(

Theater in fact, a shelter for emission. However one room contains a blackhole so be careful while moving indoors, also there is a Snork Den on the second floor in the theater section.
+ Emission Shelter
+ nothing else

||“Acidic Pit”

a lot of pits on fucking dead city. Anyway this pit contains a fully biochemical surface with many artifacts. However, don't try to jump there because of blackholes.

İ suggest you to dont go there if there is no artifacts there. Also its sides contains mutant dens and sometimes distress calls spawn on the west road of this place.
+ Bio artifact spot
+ Contains Bio 3
+ Go with scientist suit.

||“Vlasov’s Occupied Building”

A main quest area where a shaman wanted to kill a general named “Vlasov”. It's his base but he is dead because someone killed him…

Actually this zone has nothing to do with it, but it's a main quest area that you need to go to, anyway this area contains a lot of loot spaces which you may get your hands into “Cheap ToolsCheap Tools”. Put your stashes there or search for some loot.
+ A lot of lootable places, that means you can either put a stash there or steal someone’s stash there.
+ Cheap ToolsCheap Tools can be find there because of the high amount of lootable places
+ Main Quest Area

||“Old Town”

Everyone died or escaped from here after the chernobyl incident happened, this town has nothing to do with sadly. However, a great transition between The Pit and The Dead City :)

Nothing interesting here to be honest. It's just a cool place.

||“Sidest Destroyed Towns.”

A kind of a town that has been destroyed, there is a deposit that cuts between them into north zone and south zones, contains a lot of stashes

A kinda long town that has a lot of stash points. Go there if you look for some Remains of Scientific Equipment.
+ Contains like a lot Remains of Scientific EquipmentScientific Equipments
+ Sometimes pretty dangerous because vortex placement sucks.
+ That's pretty much.

#C) Tips about Dead City

  • İf you’re doing signal hunting (yes you do). Use small stashes to keep your tracker safe, however you have %1 chance to drop your stash marker so be careful. Also becoming merc is kinda having an advantage there because your base is literally near the dead city.
  • We dont know why but stalkers are loving to camp here. So expect ally deaths or YOUR ally death nearby.
  • if you’re stalker and reading this please stop camping in the dead city lol.
  • Beta Data FragmentBeta Fragments are a pain to grind, do distress calls, after one of them is done, after 1-2 minutes another one spawns on one of the distress spawn locations. They give 9-11 Beta Data FragmentBeta Datas and a little unknown chances to get Beta Data BlockBeta Block.
  • Extract from the Stone Pit Road because it directly goes into The Rostok Factory, however be careful about some mfs doing pickle runs on your side.
  • İn the abandoned garages west side has 2 vortexes in SAME place. İf you accidentally go there, i can guarantee there is a little chance you will escape from there.
  • Mercs are kinda often here.
  • Beta Group TrackerBeta Trackers are hard to grind here because you can only get 3 signals at the same time and its a long time to get all 75 beta trackers.
  • That's pretty much it is..

#D) Conclusion

You know the dead city better, normally I was gonna do the “The Pit” first but some duties were camping there and I was outgeared by them. İ got less motivation to make these but please support the site directors and me in making these guides.

You can send some rubles or some items to “Cassie”. İt would be a good motivation to continue these guides.

spectrecassie - The Guide Author
Also thanks to mihanc and TehGM for adding this article/guide into their sites.

Stay well and see ya soon :)


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