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Guide: The Enemy Guide - NATO Soldiers (Part 1)

NATO!. The one of the dangerous Factions on The Zone. They are pretty hard to kill with starter weapons and starter armors because they got end-game weapons with pretty good armor.

But how do we defeat them easily before getting killed so easily?. But let's see the statistics first.

#Who are these guys and how strong are they?

First of all, they can appear in SCA-3 suits all the time. Their name is NATO Patrolman. They can appear in Soldier Guardhouse, Soldier Base, Distress Calls or occupied buildings in Limansk. Their gun is actually randomized between Veteran and Master. *So their damage is highly up for their equipment rarity.

But in Limansk they may wear SKAT-9m Armored SuitSKAT-9m / SKAT-9b Armored SuitSKAT-9b (? this is highly chance of being true. Contact the site director to change this.) / Albatross Infiltrator Armored ExoskeletonAlbatross İnfiltratior (no current SS of game right now but you can search it from site). Also there is SBA TANKSBA TANK NATO which is pretty heavy but has low damage.

They have 215-220 HP(? No current info confirmed this but some tests were done) with no plates mostly (some limansk soldiers and main story soldiers may wear plates). They usually walk slowly towards the target.

Their accuracy changes from time to time. They usually starts with %10 accuracy (chance to hit) but then their accuracy starts to increase as they are mostly shoot you more often and get you even low HPs. In max range, their accuracy goes %10 > %30.

But in close, their accuarcy changes so fast. First they will miss 1-3 shots then start to hit you critically and get %95~ accuracy and get you down. So be careful if you are on scientist armor.

#Their AI Movement / Reactions to Events

Their AI movement is little weird.

[Targeting Enemies]
This section shows how NATO AI acts on if they got enemy player on their vision.
They mostly will target the closest player they see and if they are in group. All of them start to follow you and shoot you to take you down quickly.
However if someone deals a lot of more damage to soldier. That damaged soilder will move onto his attacker and start to shoot them. Rest of are gonna target the player they saw first.

[Enemy Downing React]
This section shows how NATO AI acts if they downed a player.
If one enemy AI is downed you. They will mostly continue to shoot you to eliminate you completely. But they wont target you if there is another enemy nearby. So if you get downed by these guys. Get away from them quickly as possible or else you will die easily.

Sometimes they will just leave you dying. Which in that case use a İnjector to revive yourself.

This section shows how NATO AI chases and tracks the player.
First of all if they are bound to an event. They won't leave the point of the event within 100m. That means you can simply bug them by waiting at a 100m radius. This is perfectly well for Swamps and other soldiers.

However if they are free or you are in the radius of event. They will start to walk to you with guns not out. When they see you they pull out the gun and start to shoot you.
If you leave their vision. After 3-4 seconds. They will pull out their gun to holster and start walking to you again. This is good if you wanna surprise attack.

Also they have reload animation too. So dont get tricked.

Their gun out animation takes 1-2 seconds after they see you. However this animation takes early if they are nearby the wall and basically see you from walls. This is a common bug on NPCs as they can shoot you from walls or from building. NATO has that too so they can detect you easily.

And yeah this section done. let's move on…

#How to kill them easily / Any Tips about them

  • Get a gun that has good damage with 700+ RPM. OTs-14 GrozaGroza, AS ValAS VAL, VSS-M "Vintorez"VSS-M "Vintorez", FN F2000FN F2000, AEK-971AEK, TDI KRISS VectorKRISS Vector or PKP PechenegPKP. İts shreds them easily.
  • If possible, try to kill them from behind because they only can detect you if you are in their vision.
  • Manage your ammo and keep your distance. Like I said, these mfs accuracy can increase suddenly to kill you.
  • Get a friend with you. So while you are loading, he/she can shoot them. Double the firepower is double the efficiency!
  • Try to snipe them from a long distance. They usually die 2 shots from Winchester M70Blue Winchester so you can take them easily. Also if you got a teammate. Its pretty useful.
  • Always dont be aggressive because if they are in a group and you are outnumbered. It's best to play carefully and smoothly.
  • If you wanna have fun, get a RGNRGN/RGORGO or RGM-40 kasket and blow them out in groups. Funny ways to kill yknow.


You now learned how to deal with NATO!. Enjoy killing them and get that juicy loot from them :D


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