Emission Notifications in Discord

We can deliver a notification when emission starts straight to your Discord server!

To enable the feature, configure settings below and then press the button to Subscribe. You'll be redirected to a secure Discord website where you can choose the server and channel.

Notification Settings

Notifications are per region and channel. This means that you can set up multiple channels, or have different settings for each region in the same channel.

If you pick a channel and region combo that is already subscribed, we'll update the settings instead of creating a new notification.

Pick at least 1 region

Every notification will be a new message, so you can build your own history!

Experimental Settings

You can select a Discord Role ID to mention when the Dead Time event opens. Keep in mind that this feature is experimental due to how Discord Webhooks are set up - the Role ID will NOT get validated for existence.

See this guide to check how to get ID of a Discord Role:

Empty the field to disable.